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Every time you click "Home" on the Lezenswaard website, five short reading excerpts of several authors at random are shown under "HIGHLIGHTED".

You can choose a language and select the form of literature: poetry or prose.

The authors are listed in alphabetical order.

XXX Scroll the list and search for the author of your choice.

When clicking the author's name, a selection of his/her work appears as well as four short excerpts of related authors at the bottom of the page under "You may also like ...".

You can also look up an Author's Name, a Title or a phrase by entering it in the SEARCH Engine.


The authors mentioned are all obviously good, = very good, = excellent, = outstanding, = very best/overwhelming.

The author's fame & personal taste of the Editor is taken into account: is it well written or/and is it evocative /empathic /fascinating /gripping /moving /original /timeless /universal? Is it socially/historically relevant?


5 350 authors (of which 1 325 Dutch speaking poets) are selected. According to Google Analytics www.Lezenswaard.be has had 365 000 pageviews up to now from 157 000 visitors all over the world. The NL, EN, FR & DE texts are shown in the original language.


Please use the "CONTACT" tab in the Navigation Menu for having a notable text/translation added, when a text is inaccurate or attributed to a wrong author. Requests for admission or useful suggestions for improvements/additions to this anthology are always welcome. Lezenswaard is on FACEBOOK too: 2 600 followers, see https://www.facebook.com/lezenswaard








LEZENSWAARD ("Worth Reading") is a PRIVATE NON-COMMERCIAL initiative of Zaj De Meester, Webmaster-Editor, to which all rights are reserved ©. This exclusively online Anthology with poems & short prose excerpts is intended for private fair use by literature lovers or FOR EDUCATIONAL/ INFORMATIVE PURPOSES. It is in line with the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, article 10 (1) and the Belgian Copyright Law, Art. 21,1.

Any cookie used by this website can be turned off via "Settings" in your browser.

The concept/contents of this literature website cannot be traded by a third party. Text selections very similar/identical to those shown on this website cannot be used in social media or any publication nor stored in a retrieval system without reference to source.

Any statements or opinions expressed in this anthology reflect only the views of the authors mentioned. Quotation of source is not applicable due to lack of resources. Any author mentioned or his/her entitled heir(s)/right holder(s) has/have the right to have removed his/her entry on simple request.

The aforementioned Editor is sovereign in his selection and can remove/add a (block of) text of an author if he deems necessary; consequently, the contents of this literature website vary continuously. All texts shown are the copyright of their respective owners and were all already available online before they were incorporated, which is considered an implied license to use them in an online anthology. If the origin of a poem or excerpt is unclear, the mention "Anonymous" is shown or the presumable author's name followed by a question mark.