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HREBINKA, Yevhen ( & CHALIAPIN, Feodor)

Black Eyes

Black and burning eyes, deep as midnight skies.

Full of passion flame, full of lovely game

I'm in love with you, I'm afraid of you.

Days when I met you made me sad and blue.

It's on purpose you're deeper than abyss

I can see in you mourning for my bliss

I can see in you that triumphal flame

where my poor heart has been burnt in vain.

Black and flaming eyes, deep as midnight skies

They are calling me to fly overseas

Where love is king, kind is everything

No misery, no sword nor sting.

Having not met you, I would suffer less,

I would live my life having happiness

You have ruined me once, black and flaming eyes

And from that black date, you've changed all my fate.

But I am not sad, still alive not dead.

Now my fortune is to love you in peace.

And the best reward, gifted me by Lord,

I will sacrifice to the burning eyes.