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ANONYMOUS - Weep no more, my wearied eyes

Weep no more, my wearied eyes,

Leave off your long lamenting;

Cease, my voice, your mournful cries,

Since she, cruel she, pleasure seeks in my tormenting,

And my griev’d heart, long time with sighs oppress’d,

Which endlessly to her you sent

As messengers of my unrest,

Now let her know all love to her is spent.

Nor blind love, nor blind love, no more shall boast,

Or glory in my tormenting;

Her disdain my love hath lost,

For that, that, only that, only that,

Bred my too, too late repenting.

Nor now no more, my heart shall beauty charm

With rosy cheek or glistering eye;

For in fair looks lies hidden harm,

And Love’s too blind that danger to espy.