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BRUNO, Giordano

De l'infinito universo et Mondi

God is the inner principle of all movement, the one Identity which fills the all and enlightens the universe. Everything is contained in this One Principle, for the Infinite has nothing which is external to Itself.

Nature is a living unity of living units, in each of which the power of the whole is present. Nature may appear to us in numberless forms, but it must always be considered united in its fundamental principle. Therefore, it must never be conceived as a creation, but merely as a development of the First Principle. Where then should we look for God? In the unchangeable laws of nature, in the light of the sun, in the beauty of all that springs from the bosom of mother earth, in the sight of unnumbered stars which shine in the skirts of space, and which live and feel and think and magnify the powers of this Universal Principle.

Everything in the manifest universe is in the process of becoming, and this process proceeds under the fundamental Law of the Universe—the Law of Cause and Effect. The Law of Periodicity also expresses itself as the Law of Reincarnation, so that we ourselves, and the things we call our own, come and vanish and return again.

The soul of man is the only God there is. This principle in man moves and governs the body, is superior to the body, and cannot be constrained by it. It is Spirit, the Real Self, in which, from which and through which, are formed the different bodies, which have to pass through different existences, names and destinies.