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Heer’s lament (out of Heer and Ranhja)

As Heer * did set her faltering feet

Upon the dhooly’s bed, her cries

Did echo through the solitude

Of the surrounding earth and skies.

The farmer heard the passing screams

In far off fields beyond the streams,

And stopped his work to breathe a sigh

In consort with each doleful cry…

My game of love is at an end;

No more shall I come back for play.

A captive withered with dismay

In Saida’s house, I’ll moan and rend

The air with my distressing cries.

Behold I leave my childhood’s home,

Renouncing all emotional ties

And worldly fortunes, through the loam.

See the four corners of my scarf

Are empty. Lo there is no gold,

No jewellery, not even half

A coin tucked in between its fold.

I find no pleasure and no pride

In the pretensions of a bride.

Translation: S.N. DAR

* Mythic lovers, the gorgeous Heer is forced to marry another man and ultimately chooses death, flute player Ranhja follows her in death.