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The Western Home / Home on the Range

Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam,
  Where the deer and the antelope play;
  Where never is heard a discouraging word
     And the sky is not clouded all day.

Oh, give me the gale of the Solomon vale
  Where life streams with buoyancy flow,
  On the banks of the Beaver, where seldom if ever
     Any poisonous herbage doth grow.

Oh, give me the land where the bright diamond sand
   Throws light from the glittering stream;
   Where glideth along the graceful white swan,
      Like a maid in her heavenly dreams.

I love these wild flowers in this bright land of ours;
   I love, too, the curlew's wild scream.
   The bluffs of white rocks and antelope flocks
     That graze on the hillsides so green.

How often at night, when the heavens are bright
   By the light of the glittering stars,
   Have I stood there amazed  and asked as I gazed
      If their beauty exceeds this of ours.   

The air is so pure, the breezes so light,
   The zephyrs so balmy at night,
   I would not exchange my home here to range
      Forever in azure so bright.