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Oh, stop me, come to senses, halt my dreams!

Such love descends from heaven once in never.

Over my broken life like a typhoon it screams

And leaves behind horizons in its fervor.

It tears our serenity to bits,

Its fiery lips are scorching words to ashes!

Oh, stop me, stop — and help me find my wits

Before my sanity forever crashes!

While reason holds… but no, the hope is lost.

At last my hour has come to see the dawn:

For next to you my soul will turn to frost

Or next to you I will enflame and burn.

The wings

Who has the wings

Doesn’t need the ground

When land is missed

He’ll fly around

Without fields

He loves the will

Without wife

still loves the life.

We live on earth

We can not fly

But from the birth

We touch the sky

The humans fly

When they just smile

Man’s wings are not

From feather -

the soul and thought

Inside the leather

They take us high

When we’re inspired

When man in love

He flies like dove

With these emotions

We cross the oceans

The dreams

Rise wings

Good friend


Takes off the land

from feet

Who said we never fly?

If feelings take so high!