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MURPHY, Elliott


Come down Eliza you’re not alone

I’ve been here waiting on a peacock throne

You be my barefoot princess of the night

Say it isn’t right

Say it isn’t right

White slip over black skin

A tiny window lets the moonlight in

We tough it out as lovers do

Oh man it can get to you

We stared them down at such a price

I look at you and all I say is oh Christ

Say it isn’t right

Say it isn’t…

hey when the lights go down

I go to see my baby down in shanty town

A cotton dress – she’s standing there

A neon bar sign standing there

hey man its all she wrote

Carry pieces of my heart in a goodbye note

Say it isn’t right

Say it isn’t

So many year crawling toward the truth

This veil of tears seasons of abuse

Does victory ever come

Full moon is rising can’t you hear me moan

Moaning for the lost love that I couldn’t own

I’m standing by this ocean

Skipping stones

Say it isn’t right