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VARMA, Mahadevi

Why an introduction dear

Why an introduction dear, you are within me,

reflections on starry nights, memories of a life,

eyes notice creations of life in short spells,

eyes notice gentle footsteps!

I don't much to treasure anymore,

you are the treasure I have in me.

Your dazzling, radiant smile like sunrise

Is the reflection of fragrant sorrow,

it is consciousness, and dreamy slumber,

Let me tire and sleep incessantly, for

Would I understand the creation, big-bang! !

You are drawn, I am just an outline,

you are the sweet melody, I am just a string of notes,

you are limitless, I am but an illusion of limits,

In the secrecy of real image-reflection,

why enact to be lovers! ! !


The pitch-black surrounds

As dense clouds abound;

Impetuous winds come again

Shaking earths deep grain;

The howling sea’s respond,

But who will reach beyond?

Waves rise high on cliffs

Creating a celestial uplift,

A relentless foamy sigh

Mocks boats riding high;

Oar and hand do not bond,

But who will reach beyond?

In absorbing the little boats

Grand waters keep us afloat;

Seeing endless black oceans

Courage diminishes in motion!

The boundless waves surround,

But who will reach beyond?

In quenching the stars light

Dim hopes fade with the night;

Twilight readies her black cloth

With her Desire-Flowers troth;

Pilot’s stuck in what’s around,

But who will reach beyond?

Beyond, I’m told, on that side

A golden hopeful world resides,

Where birds laugh out loud

On hearing of deaths cloud!

A radiance in earth’s ground

But who will reach beyond?

Where mute songs of fountains

Play eternal music to mountains;

And skies blow an endless chord

Striking strings with her reward;

With a limitless love now found

But who will reach beyond?

Shaping divine smiles in flowers

Sacrificial tones on wind showers;

Celestial magnificence delights

Caressing our faded shining lights;

How can we with this world bond!

And who will reach beyond?

Who can play with great dignity

Melodious tunes of her divinity?

And bring the boats from the sea

And carry her words home to thee;

Immersion is how pilots respond

Who in her love reach beyond.

My Aspirations

Covered eyelid dreams

Helps sleepy skies pain,

In silently pouring drops

Is pain from a heart’s rain;

On our harps of anguish

A void sings a mute tune,

A blend of sighing strings

From the stars and moon;

These celestial flowers

Entwine my crazy soul

My distant finite soul!

Sweet memories of life

Thrill the morning space;

Flowering buds open eyes

Telling of a dreams place;

Searching in the lost patterns

Winds of mild perfume sigh,

Tear drops deliver a hope

For thirsty flowers to try;

God! Water them slowly

With my round gifted tears

My garlands of tears!

Within her insightful gifts

Lie conflicting realities of light,

The cold breaths of another

Shape juvenile timid insight;

Our simple world of isolation

Builds up stains on our soul,

Yet golden moments in day

Opens up her love so whole;

Shape me in your unknown.

Oh! Speak your eternal music

Your love-filled music!

Drunk in your dreamy love

An ocean yet to be awoken,

Within your hidden heart

A symphony to be spoken;

Your exotic message to all

Speaks silently of shadows,

A voice of all our lost sighs

Walks carefully in meadows?

Come let us move silently

Among our creative life of flowers

Our delicate fading flowers!

Only Then

Fragility colliding with the void

Results in an outcry of suffering,

Which spreads evenly across all

In our world in need of buffering!

Stars maybe dissolving in our time

As word-breaths touch each light,

In each other we mirror sad forces

A self-trembling remorseless fight!

When we are in tune with our pains,

And can defeat our ways – a blessing,

We can carry our faded desires of

Missing thirsts, life now addressing.

A body in love to the core of being

Will an eternity and our limits meet,

Accepting her gifts, a shared truth

Autumn and Spring are at loves feet.

Hope filled lamps will burn and end

Passion and love soon too seek sleep,

When and where I see this new land

Memories engrossment will be deep!

In the slow, unsteady, awaiting eyes

Will soon a finding moment be sweet,

And in her heart of silent command

In her unknown we will finally meet!


Whose voice is it that

Is heard as silence wept,

Coming from weak souls

Her vibrations they slept!

Dancing moves of eyes

Are fixed with heavy lids,

Becoming passive now

A tear filled eye forbids.

Whose unproductive life

Has been a path burning!

And reached Nirvana with

A lamp without yearning!

Hiding within silent clouds

Lightening’s agony sleeps,

In this madness of storms

Diffuse wisdom now leaps.

With compassion you like

To emerge from darkness

And light up gloomy skies!

A moment without harness!


Mixing diamond-like stars

With humble earthly clay,

Essences of human pain

Dims languid souls at play!

Gentle perfumed winds

Caressed me in this time,

Upon this lonely beach

Waves controlled by rhyme.

In the dense black of night

Waves hug-fill a deep sleep,

Dropping loves sweet nectar

From clouds who now weep.

In the silent dark shadows

Lie curls of luscious balm,

Oh sing your honeyed song

Started in tears, now calm.