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Says Rahim

Do not snap ever

the thread of love

once broken, it does not unite

if it does, knots appear.

Do not spurn the trivial

seeing the weighty

when you need a sewing needle

of what use a sword.

Keep your sorrow

to your own heart

others will taunt you

none willing to share.

A man with no education

wisdom, religion and generosity

an animal without a tail or horns

futile is his birth in this world.

Pleased I am not

being offered ambrosia without respect

better to die with dignity

drinking poison.

A dilemma indeed

when you speak out the truth

worldly ties break

with lies you don't ever reach God.

The sun rises with glowing rays

it sets with equal grace

so does a good man

living through ups and downs.

Body, a paper toy

turns into pulp in a trice

strange, so says Rahim

yet filled with much pride.

How ill the weak ever live

fighting the strong?

like being at war

with the crocodile while in water.

A tree does not eat its own fruits

no pond drinks up its own water

a good man saves for others' needs

so says Rahim.

Blessed is the love the fish has for water

lifeless without it

a bumble bee is different

hopping flower to flower.

Blessed is the swamp

insects thrive on

so vast the sea

yet everyone comes away thirsty.

My Lord's image is embedded in my eyes

there is place for none else

like a traveller turning away

from a full caravanserai.


Sakhi, I am not able to put out of my mind,

the charming eyes which are like petals of lotus flower,

the gentle smile, the radiance of the teeth

that surpasses lightning in brightness and swiftness

and the nectar-immersed talks

which are suffused with sweetness of the entire earth.

My mind is always occupied with the swinging pearl necklace

on His broad chest and the fluttering of the pitamber

or yellow garment as he dances.

Every day, I expect His return from Vrindavan.

The image of the dark-hued Shyam does not leave my mind.