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The Martyr

Being in love means never having to say you’re sorry

After all, at some point in your life

That love was the most important thing to you,

That love might be the one that you hoped would last forever,

That love made you believe that destiny does exist,

And that love made you question,

Why you were afraid to fall in love in the first place.

At that time in your life,

Everything just seemed so perfect,

Everything seemed so beautiful,

Everything seemed to glow for you,

And you were my everything.

I wouldn't even think twice about sacrificing my own happiness for yours,

I was even willing to bare up this walled but crumpled heart of mine,

Just so I could be with you.

All I ever did was care for you.

All I ever did was to make you happy.

And all I ever did was love you.

Being in love means never having to say you’re sorry

But I needed to ask forgiveness from the one who was hurt the most…


Bury me

How can you stop yourself from feeling?

When you gradually feel yourself betraying you?

How can you understand yourself?

When you always keep parts of you hidden?

How can things remain hidden?

When all you ever do is push things down,

And keep them locked up in your own abyss?

How can you stay true to others?

When you can’t even stay true to yourself?

How can you live?

When a part of you is already dead?


There comes a time in each of our lives

wherein we lose track of ourselves, and lose sight of our rails.

Where the illuminated road that always seemed to be there, suddenly lost its light, and with it, our senses that come to a halt.

The senses that gave us our How's and Why's, the force that drives us to get back up every time we fall down, the feeling that makes us see the light in a pitch black void.

The eventual flame that was so overwhelming at one point,now seems nothing but a scant flickerdrowning in a sea of gloom.

An everlasting ember that will continue to burndespite all the pouring setbacks,‘till we pave our way to a new set of tracks.