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GU, Cheng


You turn in silence aside

your face to the night.

In the places where the night grows darkest

lamps crowd together.

They are always there together;

we will meet again, sooner or later.

Good-bye now

so that we see each other again.

In the Twinkling of the Eyes --During those wrong years I had this kind of "illusion"

I firmly believed

I watched the world with utmost concentration.

A rainbow

swam in the fountain,

searching among the passers-by silently.

I blinked my eyes

and it turned into the shape of a viper.

A clock

reposed on a church

marking the time steadily;

I blinked my eyes

and it became a bottomless well.

A red blossom

opened on the movie screen

inviting the excitements of Spring;

I blinked my eyes

and it turned to glistening blood.

Now to keep my beliefs solid

I keep my eyes wide open all the time.

translated by Gordon T. Osing and De-An Wu Swihart