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PENA, Paul

Jet Airliner

In seat forty-two, just about to go insane

I've been down before

Riding along in this big jet plane

I've been thinking about jumping out the door

'Cause my homeland is so far away

And I feel like it's all been done

Somebody's trying to make me stay

And I've got to be on the run

Oh, big old jet airliner

Don't carry me too far away

Oh, big old jet airliner

'Cause it's here that I've got to stay

I've been sitting by the fireside

Wondering where my strength is going

Looking through the mirror of life

Trying to find out which way the wind's blowing

But my heart keeps pushing me backwards

As I jump aboard that 747

Riding high, but with a tear in my eye

You got to go through hell before you get to heaven

Oh, big old jet airliner


Oh, I know I will

I'm gonna leave on my own this time

Oh, Big old jet airliner


Touching down in New England

Feel the heat coming down

First thought is "Lord, I said I'd be there"

But I couldn't seem to quite get it down

'Cause I'm going with some hesitation

I've got to go and make my way

But there's so many people, Lord, to talk to

And a whole lot of debts to pay

Oh, big old jet airliner


Goodbye to old friends at home

Goodbye to willing friends I've trusted

I've got to go out and make my way

I might get rich and I might get busted

But I'm going, Lord, with so many things to clean up

I've got to make my way clear before me

But I don't want to get mixed up

In any of that funky shit that's going down before me

Oh, big old jet airliner


They're trying to pull me away

'Cause it's California where I've got to stay

Oh, big old jet airliner