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Strength and Mercy

Mercy, resolve, tact, tolerance

You've tried everything and some

But o my king of men

When did Suyodhan succumb?

The more forgiving you were

In your humane compassion

The more these rouge Kauravas

Pegged you as cowardly ashen

This is the consequence

Of tolerating atrocities

The awe of machismo is lost

When one's gentle ‘n kindly

Forgiveness is becoming of

The serpent that's got venom

None cares for the toothless,

Poisonless, kind, gentle one

For three days Lord Raam kept

Asking the ocean for a passage

Sitting there he petitioned

Using the sweetest words to engage

When in response there was

Not a whisper from the sea

A raging fire of endeavor

Rose from Raam's body

The ocean took human-form

'N supplicated to Raam

Touched his feet, was subservient

A slave he had become

Truth be told, it's in the quiver

That lies the gleam of modesty

Only his peace-talk is reputable

Who is capable of victory

Are respected by the world

Only when the glow of strength

From behind them is unfurled