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Time has gnawed at me, bit me and has cut me.

Time has harmed, wounded and injured me,

and has destroyed my men who have died together.

This has made me restless.

They were not a harbour for the cruel

Just like the sun which is no shelter for the people.

We saw horses galloping

and flying dust.

And riders, having lustrous, broad swords and grey spears;

Whose swords turn faces deathly white, whose spears cut bodies.

We defeated those who thought

they would never be defeated.

And whoever thinks that they will not be harmed

thinks of the impossible.

We avoid dishonourable deeds and honour our guests.

And we store the praise (of people).

We wear armour in war

And silk, wool and cotton during peace.

Be generous, my eyes, and shed your tears

in copious weeping like a running stream!

Cry for your brother and forget not what is due to his merits.

Cry for your brave brother, for he was never faint of heart.

Cry for your brother, for he left behind orphans and a widow.

Cry for your brother, for he honoured every guest and neighbour,

Animated with unbounded benevolence

how a new moon never fails to shine.

translated by Salma Harland

Lament for a brother

What have we done to you death

that you treat us so, with always another catch

one day a warrior

the next a head of state

charmed by the loyal

you choose the best

iniquitous, unequalling death

I would not complain

if you were just

but you take the worthy

leaving fools for us.