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André Chénier ( opera by Umberto GIORDANO )

I have witnessed lamentable misery in villages,

Ghastly begging and harsh sorrow.

I have seen you in your chattels, indigent laborer,

Cursing the severity of a greedy and merciless treasury,

Pouring forth useless tears at the feet of the great.

Everything soaked in sweat, barren for yourself,

Discouraged from living, full of a righteous dismay;

Forced labor, corroding debts, heavy taxes,

A source of oppression and various scourges.

Twenty brigands, invested with the holy name of prince,

Unite to destroy a sad province.


ILLICA, Luigi & GIACOSA, Giuseppe

Madama Butterfly (opera by PUCCINI)




I’er l’altro, il Consolato

sen’ venne a visitar!

Io non la vidi, ma l’udii parlar.

Di sua voce il mistero

l’anima mi colpì.

Certo quando è sincero

l’amor parla così.

Sarebbe gran peccato

le lievi ali strappar

e desolar forse un credulo cuor.


Console mio garbato,
quetatevi! Si sa,


Sarebbe gran peccato...


la vostra età è di flebile umor.
Non c'è gran male
s'io vo' quell'ale
drizzare ai dolci voli dell'amor!


Quella divina
mite vocina
non dovrebbe dar note di dolor!




The other day, she came up

To call at the Consulate!

I did not see her, but I heard her speak.

And the mystery of her voice

Touched my very soul.

Surely love that is pure and true

speaks like that.

It were indeed sad pity

To tear those dainty wings,

And perchance to torment a trusting heart.


Dearly beloved Consul,
allay your fears! We know,


It were indeed sad pity...


men of your age look on life

with mournful eyes.
No harm I reckon these wings to raise
and guide them to the tender flights of love!


No cry of anguish

should e'er be utter'd
by that gentle and trusting little voice.