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Know that your place in life is

where you want to be
Don’t let them tell you

that you owe it all to me

Keep on looking forward,

no use in looking round
Carry your head above the ground

and they won’t bring you down

Anthem of the heart and mind
A funeral dirge for eyes gone blind
We marvel after those who sought
New wonders in the world they wrought.

Live for yourself, there’s no one else
More worth living for
Begging hands and bleeding hearts
Will only cry for more

Though I know they’ve always
Told you selfishness is wrong
Yet it was for me not you
I came to write this song

By-Tor And The Snow Dog

The Tobes of Hades, lit by flickering torchlight
The netherworld is gathered in the glare
Prince By-Tor takes the cavern to the north light
The sign of Eth is rising in the air.
By-Tor, knight of darkness,
Centurion of evil, devil's prince.

Across the River Styx, out of the lamplight
His nemesis is waiting at the gate
The Snow Dog, ermine glowing in the damp night
Coal-black eyes shimmering with hate.
By-Tor and the Snow Dog
Square for battle, let the fray begin

A Farewell to Kings
To seek the sacred river Alph
To walk the caves of ice
To break my fast on honey dew
And drink the milk of Paradise...

I had heard the whispered tales
Of immortality
The deepest mystery
From an ancient book. I took a clue
I scaled the frozen mountain tops
Of eastern lands unknown
Time and Man alone

Entre Nous

We are secrets to each other

Each one's life a novel

No one else has read

Even joined in bonds of love

We're linked to one another

By such slender threads

We are planets to each other

Drifting in our orbits

To a brief eclipse

Each of us a world apart

Alone and yet together

Like two passing ships

Free Will

There are those who think that life

Has nothing left to chance

With a host of holy horrors

To direct our aimless dance


You can choose a ready guide

In some celestial voice

If you choose not to decide

You still have made a choice
You can choose from phantom fears

And kindness that can kill

I will choose a path that’s clear

I will choose free will.

There are those who think that

They were dealt a losing hand

The cards were stacked against them

They weren’t born in Lotus-Land.

All pre-ordained

A prisoner in chains

A victim of venomous fate

Kicked in the face

You can’t pray for a place

In Heaven’s unearthly estate

You can choose a ready guide




There’s no bread let them eat cake

There’s no end to what they’ll take

Flaunt the fruits of noble birth

Wash the salt into the earth

But they’re marching to Bastille Day

La guillotine will claim her bloody prize

Free the dungeons of the innocent

The king will kneel, and let his kingdom rise

Bloodstained velvet, dirty lace

Naked fear on every face

See them bow their heads to die

As we would bow as they rode by

And we’re marching to Bastille Day

La guillotine will claim her bloody prize

Sing, o choirs of cacophony

The king has kneeled, let his kingdom rise.

Lessons taught, but never learned

All around us anger burns

Guide the future by the past

Long ago the mould was cast.”

For they marched up to Bastille Day

La guillotine – claimed her bloody prize

Hear the echoes of the centuries

Power isn’t all that money buys