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GUILL É N, Jorge

In Balance

I am so happy. It is wonderful

To breathe the air and be in the morning light.

On a day like this, if the soul weighs anything

It is like the weight of a flower bending itself

Down to the earth in the weightless light and air.

Everything calmly gives itself up

To happiness on a day like this. The whiteness

Of a wall gives whiteness to the eye that looks at it.

The grass in the vacant lot across the street

Yields to the morning breeze that flows across it,

Till the breeze dies down like the end of a sentence spoken

The sea is an oblivion

The sea is an oblivion,

a song, a lip;

the sea is a lover,

faithful response to desire.

It's like a nightingale

and its waters are feathers,

impulses that raise

to the cold stars.

His caresses are dreams

they open death ajar,

they are accessible moons,

they are the highest life.

On dark backs

the waves are enjoying.