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SMARTT, Dorothea

Shake My Future

shake my future push me past my complacency

my taken-for-granted my comfort zone

shake my future let me source the unimagined

be released from the sentence of the inevitable

take control, empower myself

past the dour predictions of the present

and change myself

shake my future challenge our 'first world's

capitalist consumerist criminal zone

of perpetual purchasing

shake my future past the edges of the known

world launch me out into the hinterlands

of the intuited imagined

beyond the droughts of apathy

and quench my thirst for something different

shake my future with alternative endings

curdle the milk of human kindness beyond

the patronizing rattle of charity cans

to preserve the poor and assuage my guilt

shake my future with a kaleidoscope of tunes

play some other melody and bliss me out

of ignorance let my mind expand with a question

and seeking the answers shake my future

shake my future shake my future

in a triangle of tangential tirades and beckon me

into a sandwich of yes we can and hope