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JAMES, I, King of Scotland?

The Kingis Quair
And therewith cast I down my eyes again,

Where as I walking saw beneath the tower,

Full secretly, new coming her to play,

The fairest and the freshest young flower

That ever I saw, methought, before that hour,

For which sudden surprise, anon did start

The blood of all my body to my heart.

And when she walkèd had a little time

Under the sweet green branches bent,

Her fair, fresh face as white as any snow,

She turned has, and forth her way she went.

But then began my sickness and torment,

To see her go and follow not I might,

Methought the day was turned into night.

Bewailing in my chamber thus alone,

Despairing of all joy and remedy,

Oft weary of my thoughts and woe begone,

Unto the window would I walk in haste,

To see the world and the folk who went forbye,

As for the time, though I of mirthe's food

Might have no more, to look it did me good.