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ARIFFIN, Qyazzirah Syeikh

I am Afraid / Korkuyorum

You say that you love rain,

but you open your umbrella

when it rains.

You say that you love the sun,

but you find a place in the shade

when the sun shines.

You say that you love the wind,

but you close your windows

when it comes up.

This is why I am afraid

when you say that you love me too.

(Adaptation: Z. DE MEESTER)

Light after Darkness

Light after darkness, gain after loss,

Strength after suffering, crown after cross,

Sweet after bitter, song after sigh,

Home after wandering, laudatories after cry.

Sheaves after sowing, sun after rain,

Sight after mystery, peace after pain,

Joy after sorrow, calm after blast,

Rest after fatigueness, sweet rest at last.

Near after distant, gleam after gloom,

Love after loneliness, life after tomb,

After long agony, rapture of bliss!

Right was the pathway leading to this.