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DANNAY, Frederic & BENNINGTON, Manfred

The Adventure of the Hard-hearted Huckster

Ellery Queen: I don't like to read other people's mail.

Frank Flannigan: Then I'll read it!

Ellery Queen : Well, have you figured it out? If you've been watching closely, you've probably worked it out, too. Was it Florence? Max the copy writer? Or did Jerry Crabtree stab Long? How about Horace Manley? Or did Rita Radcliffe make good on her threat? Or was it somebody else? No, it wasn't Flannigan, and the waiter didn't do it. I'll give you a hint: it's later than you think.

Frank Flannigan : VERA!

[Vera comes running, carrying a thermos]

Frank Flannigan : Where have you been? It's almost time to go on the air, and there's nobody here but me!

Vera : I've been over watching the butter commercial. I brought you some coffee, F.F.

Frank Flannigan : I don't want any! I'm losing my marbles and you're bringing me coffee!

Vera: I'm sure you'll want this coffee, F.F. It's the kind of coffee [with a meaningful look] that you drink in the office.