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The Sea Cockle

Child of the aged rocks,

Child of the hoary sea,

Thou fillest with joy

The heart of the boy,

O cockle from the sea.

( translated by James S. Easby-Smith)

On the Stormy Sea

Her cargo all is cast into the waters,

To save the ship perchance; yet now she totters,

Struck by a loudly thundering wave,

Which fills with terror e'en the brave.

No more to struggle against the stormy weather,

The savage tempest, she desires, but rather

To founder on the hidden reefs--

Thus mountain-high the Ocean heaves.

This to forget, my friend, wish I--'tis better

In thy glad company my cares to scatter.

Of love and friendship let us think,

And honeyed wine with Bacchus drink.

( translated by Walter Petersen)