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Song of Springtime

In the house of paintings

the singing begins,

song is practiced,

flowers are spread,

the song rejoices.

The song resounds,

little bells are heard,

to these answer

our flowery timbrels.

Flowers are spread

the song rejoices.

Above the flowers is singing

the radiant pheasant;

his song unfolds

into the midst of the waters.

To him reply

all manner of red birds,

the dazzling red birds,

beautifully sings.

Your heart is a book of paintings,

you have come to sing,

to make your drums resound,

you are the singer.

Within the house of springtime,

you make the people happy.

You alone bestow

flowers that intoxicate,

precious flowers.

Within the house of springtime,

you make the people happy.

Flowers are our only garments

Flowers are our only garments,

only songs make our pain subside,

diverse flowers on earth,

Ohuaya ohuaya.

Perhaps my friends will be lost,

my companions will vanish

when I lie down in that place, I Yoyontzin -Ohuaye!-

in the place of song and of Life Giver,

Ohuaya ohuaya.

Does no one know where we are going?

Do we go to God’s home or

do we live only here on earth?

Ah ohuaya.

Let your hearts know,

oh princes, oh eagles and jaguars

that we will not be friends forever,

only for a moment here, then we go

to Life Giver’s home,

Ohuaya ohuaya.

Stand up, beat your drum

Stand up, beat your drum:

give of yourself, know friendship. -Aya!-

Let your hearts be taken

with many colours -Yehuaya!-

only here perhaps are lent to us

our tobacco pipes, our flowers,

Ohuaya Ohuaya.

Stand up, my friend,

elated take your flowers to the drum:

your bitterness flees.

Adorn yourself with them:

the flowers raise their heads,

cocoa flowers of precious gold -Aya!-

are being scattered,

Ohuaya Ohuaya.

Beautifully sing here

the turquoise bird, the quetzal, the trogon:

the macaw’s song presides, and

all the jingling rattles and drums answer,

Ohuaya Ohuaya.

I drink cocoa:

with it I am glad -Aya!-

my heart takes pleasure, my heart is happy,