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The Mirror for Magistrates: The Induction


An hideous hole all vast, withouten shape ,

Of endless depth, o'erwhelm'd with ragged stone,

With ugly mouth and grisly jaws doth gape,

And to our sight confounds itself in one.

Here enter'd we, and yeding forth , anon

An horrible loathly lake we might discern,

deadly gulf where nought but rubbish grows,

With foul black swelth in thicken'd lumps that lies,

Which up in the air such stinking vapours throws

That over there may fly no fowl but dies,

Chok'd with the pestilent savours that arise;

Hither we come, whence forth we still did pace,

In dreadful fear amid the dreadful place.

And first, within the porch and jaws of hell,

Sat deep Remorse of conscience , all besprent

With tears; and to herself oft would she tell

Her wretchedness , and cursing never stent

To sob and sigh; but ever thus lament

With thoughtful care as she that, all in vain,

Would wear and waste continually in pain.