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NAREK, Saint Gregory of (St. NAREKATSI)

Prayer 88

May my dry bones be preserved in your treasury

so that at the time of eternal life,

at the dawn of that first spring light,

on the day of renewed splendor,

through your dew my soul might again stir,

with your immortal salvation

and according to the hope held out in your inspired

Scriptures, may I again become green and blossom,

and send up shoots of spiritual goodness

that will never dry out.


Prayer 95

By your noble and glorious blood,

offered unceasingly to please God who sent you,

may the dangers be lifted from me,

may my transgressions be forgiven,

may my vices be pardoned,

may my shamelessness be forgotten,

may my sentence be commuted,

may the worms shrivel,

may the wailing stop,

and the gnashing of teeth fall silent.

Let the laments lessen and tears dry.

Let mourning end and darkness be banished.

May the vengeful fire be stamped out

and torments of every kind exiled. …

May you who grant life to all be compassionate now.

Let your light dawn,

your salvation be swift,

your help arrive in time,

and the hour of your arrival be at hand.


You found me

You found me,

a sinner,

lost in darkness

crying like

the psalmist in prayer,

and because of

Your willing care

you were called Shepherd,

for not only

did You care

but You sought,

not only did You find,

O worker of miracles

but with the goodness

of Your love,

a love that

defies description,

You rescued me,

lifting me upon

Your shoulders,

to set me down alongside

Your heavenly army,

the heirs to

Your fatherly legacy.