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BINGEN, Hildegard von

O choruscans lux stellarum

O choruscans lux stellarum,
o splendidissima specialis forma
regalium nuptiarum,
o fulgens gemma,
tu es ornata in alta persona,
quae non habet maculatam rugam.

Tu es etiam socia Angelorum
et civis sanctorum.

Fuge, fuge speluncam antiqui perditoris,
et veniens veni in palatium Regis.

O glistening starlight

O glistening starlight,
O most brilliant singular figure
of the royal marriage,
O glowing gem:
You are arrayed as a person of high rank
who has no mark nor wrinkle;

You are also an angel's companion
and a citizen of sacredness.

Run, flee from the ancient destroyer's cave!
Come, enter into the palace of the King.

Antiphon For The Angels -

Spirited light! on the edge

of the Presence your yearning

burns in the secret darkness,

O angels, insatiably

into God's gaze.


could not touch your beauty;

you are essential joy.

But your lost companion,

angel of the crooked

wings - he sought the summit,

shot down the depths of God

and plummeted past Adam -

that a mud - bound spirit might soar