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ECHEBBI, Aboul-Qacem

The Tyrants Of The World

Hey you, the unfair tyrants...

You the lovers of the darkness...

You the enemies of life...

You've made fun of innocent people's wounds;

and your palm covered with their blood.

You kept walking while you were deforming

the charm of existence

and growing seeds of sadness in their land.

Wait, don't let the spring, the clearness of the sky

and the shine of the morning light fool you .

Because the darkness, the thunder rumble

and the blowing of the wind are coming

toward you from the horizon.

Beware because there is a fire underneath the ash.

Who grows thorns will reap wounds.

You've taken off heads of people and the flowers of hope

and watered the cure of the sand

with blood and tears until it was drunk.

The blood's river will sweep you away

and you will be burned by the fiery storm.

Write out loud

I wish I can live this life in my solitude and isolation

spending my days in the mountains and the woods

between the pine trees, not having worldly cares that

can shift the self from listening to the soul

I'd await death and life, and I'd attentively listen to

the speech of forever and more

I'd sing with the robins in the woods and listen to

the lapping rivers in the valleys

I'd speak lovingly to the stars and the dawn,

the birds and the river and the calm sunlight

A life lived for beauty and art, away from my

people and my country, not weary with the cares of people,

for they live a life of the still lifeless objects

and to live with what lays within me whether

sorrow or novel joy, away from the city and its people away

from the jargon of their societies, for they only descend from lies,

naivety, and common nonsense

where is this life for which I long?

where I can hear the lands barmaid singing and lapping,

and the echoes of the heart and the song of the singer

and the sounds and rustling of tree branches in their shade

and the scent of flowers, this is the life I praise,

I call for its glory and call for its brilliance

Chant of the Herder

Morn breaks forth singing to the delicate life always.

While the hills still dream in the shadow of thick boughs all days.

The flakey north wind shakes the dried flowers leaves.

Yet the light swings inside the dark valleys spreading its rays.

Morn comes nicely, its lights covers the faraway lands.

Birds, flowers, and river waves cheerfully flap their hands.

The lively world has awakened chanting to the life.

Follow me my sheep and wake up my lambs.

Follow me my sheep between those flocks of birds hither.

Fill the valley with bleating, merry, and cheer everywhere.

Hear the canals' soft murmuring, and exhale the perfume of rose.

Look at the valley the luminous fogs covers it thither.

Pick up the grasses of the ground and herd on its new pastures.

Hear my reed pipe chants sweet tones between this verdure.

A tone comes out of my chest as flowers breath.

It ascends as the flying chanted nightingale out of the door.

If we are in the midst of valley and the trees cover us soever.

Pick what you want of that fruits or grasses or whatever.

The sun nurses it by its rays and so does the moon.

At daybreak, thriving with dews turns to be best fodder.

Play and dance on valleys or above hills as you want.

Kneel and rest at its verdant shadow if you halt.

Chew the herbage; digest your thoughts in the mute shadows.

Hear the noisy winds between the peaks diversely chant.

In forest, there are sweet flowers and grasses look good.

Bees chant around it on joyfully as it could.

Never these herbs were spoiled by wolves' breath.

Foxes neither approached there nor trod

Peace, charming, shadows, and sweet scents display adaptation.

Gentle breeze blows quietly at every direction.

Besides boughs, enjoy the dancing of light at ease.

Evergreen plants never dry on each circumstance or condition.

You will not tire in that shadowy forest my sheep.

The forest time is similar to a nice child grapples to leap.

And the people time is similar to the depressing face of old man.

Restlessly walks in these plains deep.

You are free on pasture inside the forest eat or lay.

Until sunset, it is my choice to chant or play.

But, when the shadow extends and the herbs become unseen.

Follow me to the home again in the same way.

The Will Of Living

When people choose a noble and worthy existence

The Fates will accordingly respond

Gloom of night will lift and vanish

Fetters will break open

He who harbors no passion for life

Its heat dematerializes him, he is forgotten

Woe unto him who looses interest in life

Victorious void will deal him a slap

Thus has the universe told me

Thus has its hidden Spirit intimated

The winds howled in the deep ravines

Above mountain peaks, under the trees

When I aspire to lofty goals

I mount high hopes and discard trepidation

Neither avoiding rugged roads

Nor evading the roaring flames

He who has an aversion to climbing mountains

Will pass his days and nights in ditches and holes

The blood of youth screamed in my heart

Strange winds raged and raved in my chest

Intently I listened to the thunder peel

And harkened to the sounds of wind and rainfall

I asked the Earth

'Mother, do you hate people? ', She replied

I bless ambitious and aspiring souls

Holding dear the ones who brave danger

But condemn those who live, stone-like, behind times

Content with a dull, callous existence

Behold! The universe is alive; it loves life

It despises the dead, great as it may seem

The skies hold no dead birds close to their bosom

Nor do bees sip nectar from lifeless flowers

If not for my soft motherly heart

Graves will loathe admitting corpses into their folds

So, woe unto him who looses interest in life

The curse of victorious void will be upon him

Once on an autumn night

Heavy with sorrow and boredom

I was intoxicated with the stars' glittering light

And lulled sorrow into exhilaration

I asked the night: 'Will Life ever bring back to wilted blossoms

The bloom and freshness of life? '

Neither the lips of darkness muttered

Nor the nymphs of dawn recited their lyrics

The forest whispered gently to me

And spoke in melodious strains

Winter comes befogged with clouds

Bleak with rain, heavy with snow

The charm of tender twigs snuffed out

The beauty of flowers and fruit extinguished

The grace of meek and doleful eventides gone

The appeal of scented meadows no more

Branches wither and fall with their leaves

Blossoms of happy and love-filled life drop too

The winds scatter them in vale and valley

Rushing waters bury them on the way

All lost to sight as a beautiful dream

Momentarily glowing, soon to disappear without a trace

Seeds bearing the essence of a beautiful faded life

Will yet survive

So will the memory of seasons and life's visions

And earthly phantoms that vanished in droves

All from beneath the clouds

From beneath the soil and snow

Will revive and embrace the never boring breath of life

Clasping the green, fragrant heart of Spring

Dreaming of bird songs

Of aromas and savory fruit

Suddenly, in the soft beat of wings

Passion for life triumphantly returned

The earth above the seeds cracked open

And glorious images unexpectedly emerged

Spring made a return with delightful songs

Celebrating its dreams, its balmy youthfulness

Lo, it pressed many kisses upon their lips

Bringing back to life a youth, long gone

It addressed the seeds, murmuring: I have given you life

And shall live in your posterity forevermore

You have been blessed by the light, so receive

The youth of life, the maturity of age

He whose dreams adore the Light

The Light, in turn, will bless him when it shines

Lo, the entire space is yours, and yours is the Light

The dreaming, flower-glittering soil is yours as well

Receive the deathless beauty

Receive the vast shimmering universe

Sway as you please in the meadows

Laden with your sweet fruits and tender flowers

Whisper your gentle love to the breeze and clouds

Hum soulful tunes to the stars and moon

Talk to life with the language of your heart

And commune with the captivating beauty of a unique existence

Darkness, too, revealed a hidden charm

Stirring the imagination, inspiring thoughts

A strange mystic harmony engulfed the universe

Skillfully manipulating it as an ingenious magician

Candles of glittering stars were lit all

The sweet perfume of flowers wafted about

A spirit of strange beauty fluttered by

With wings made of moonbeams bright

The sacred song of life rang out

Within a dreaming, charmed temple

Announcing this truth to the whole universe

Aspiration is the fuel and flame of life

The spirit and stamina of victory

Yea, when souls aspire

For a worthy and noble existence

The Fates will accordingly respond