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О ye many-faced ones,

he indeed is not a man

who is defeated by an inferior,

and that man is no man

who persecutes one weaker than himself.

He whose leader is not defeated though overcome

is not vanquished;

he who persecutes the completely vanquished

is not without sin.

O man who desires war!

This is that battlefield

which excites even the gods,

where the battle is not of words.

Here people fight and stake their lives

not for themselves but for others.

This field is full of herds of maddened elephants.

Here those who are eager for battle

and even those who are not very eager,

have to fight.

The arrows of the king Arjuna spread out.

The arrows of the lord of the earth, Lord Śiva , spread out.

The Ga a s who are the slayers of demons rejoiced.

The seekers of Lord Śiva ,

i.e. the deities and sages,

reached the sky to watch the battle.