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The Mists of Time

Somewhere in the world

Are friends I've missed from long ago

Could be drifting by the wayside

Or even dead - I just don't know

And now my memories are fading

Like melting footprints in the snow

Sometimes a dream will haunt me

And I see a young girl's face

Was she once for real

And did she really share my space

Within the swirling mists of time

It's hard to keep a track of year and place

And I thought about my mother

When she was young and on the road

Hanging out with my musicians

Or camping out in forest groves

Like gray mists conceal horizons

I miss those times we'll share no more

So far my life's a journey

And I wouldn't change it for anything

All those years of bold adventures

The highs and lows that make me sing

Within the swirling mists of time

Such sweet memories still often ring