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No one is truly free, they are a slave to wealth, fortune, the law, or other people restraining them from acting according to their will.

Iphigenia in Tauris


You, who your savage dwellings hold

Nigh this inhospitable main,

'Gainst clashing rocks with fury roll'd,

From all but hallow'd words abstain.

Virgin queen, Latona's grace, joying in the mountain chase,

To thy court, thy rich domain,

To thy beauteous-pillar'd fane

Where our wondering eyes behold

Battlements that blaze with gold,

Thus my virgin steps I bend,

Holy, the holy to attend;

Servant, virgin queen, to thee;

Power, who bear'st life's golden key,

Far from Greece for steeds renown'd,

From her walls with towers crown'd,

From the beauteous-planted meads

Where his train Eurotas leads,

Visiting the loved retreats,

Once my father's royal seats.


Translation: Robert POTTER


(Appearing in a dragon-drawn chariot on the rooftop with the bodies in her arms)

Why are you shaking the doors and trying to force them open,

to find the bodies and me the perpetrator?

You are wasting your effort. If you need anything from me,

say so, but you will never touch me with your hand.

Such transport the Sun god, father of my father

has given me, a defense against the hand of my enemies. …..


You abomination, you vilest, most hateful woman,

to the gods and to me and to the whole human race.

You had the heart to take the sword to your own children

to whom you gave birth, and you have left me childless and devastated.

You did these things. How can you still look on the sunlight

and earth, after daring the most appalling deed?

Damn you. Now I see it, I didn't understand it then,

when I brought you, so hideous a monster, into Greece,

from your home and that barbarous land,

betrayer of your father and the country that reared you.

The gods have hurled you as an avenging spirit against me.

For you killed your brother at the hearth

and then boarded the beautiful ship Argo.

That is where you started. But after marrying

me and bearing my children,

because of the marriage bed you killed them.

There is no Greek woman who would have dared

such deeds, any of whom I could have married, but instead

chose you, a marriage tie that has ruined me,

a lioness, not a woman, with a temper

more savage than Tyrrhenian Scylla.

But not even ten thousand curses could

sting you. Such boldness is in you.

Go, you depraved murderer of your children.

What is left to me but to cry out for my fate?

I will not enjoy my new marriage,

and the children whom I fathered and brought up

I will never be able to speak to them alive, for I have lost them.

Translation: C.A.E. LUSCHNIG

Not for the first time I find our lives are a shadow, and I am not afraid to say that people who think they have everything figured out and are masters of logic - they are responsible for the greatest folly. No human being is happy. Strike it rich and you are luckier than your neighbour - but happy, never.


Gods often contradict

our fondest expectations.

What we anticipate

does not come to pass.

What we don't expect

some god finds a way to make it happen


I understand too well the dreadful act

I'm going to commit, but my judgement

can't check my anger, and that incites

the greatest evils human beings do