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ROJAS, Fernando de

La Celestina

Calisto : My lady and my bliss, if you want me, sing more softly still. It sounds sweeter in my presence than the delight it brings when you're wearied by my absence.

Malibea : How shall I sing, my love? What shall I sing? Of my desire for you, firing my song and tuning my melody? As soon as you showed up, my song went, and the tune with it. And you, my lord, are such a model of politeness and good manners, how is it you can bid my tongue to sing but not your hands to keep still? Why don't you give up these ways? Tell them to be quiet and stop their unseemly converse with me. You know, my angel, I love to gaze at you peacefully, but not this insistent pawing. I like your respectful play but find your hands are rude and annoying, especially when they get too rough. Let my clothes be, and if you must find out whether my over-garment is silk or cotton, why do you need to touch my shift that's undoubtedly linen? Let's play and pleasure in a thousand ways I can show you. Don't be so violent and mistreat me as you like to do. Why do you feel the need to rip my clothes?

Calisto: My love, if you want to taste the bird, first you must get rid of its feathers.

Malibea ( panting, playing coy ): My lord, shall I tell ( my servant ) Lucrecia to bring us some food?

Calisto : I only want to eat your body and hold your beauty in my arms. Money buys food and drink at any time of day and anyone can do that. What's priceless is what's in this garden that nothing on earth can equal. Do you think I'm going to give up a single moment of my pleasuring?...My lady, I hope day never dawns. My senses feel ecstasy at this exquisite contact with your delicate limbs.

Malibea (while they were going at it): My lord, I'm the one most loving this. I'm the winner thanks to the incredible gift you bring on each of your visits.

Malibea (to her servant): Can you hear what those boys are saying? Can you hear their sad laments? They're praying as they carry my life away with them and carry my happiness that's gone stone dead! This is no time to live. Why didn't I take more pleasure when I pleasured? Why did I value so little the bliss I gripped between these two hands? Ungrateful mortals, we only see our good fortune when it's gone!