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BUSENELLO, Giovanni Francesco

L'Incoronazione di Poppea / The Coronation of Poppea,
She is unaware that the fateful moment now approaches.

Thus do people live in darkness:

When they close their eyes they think they are secure.

Oh, how foolish and weak,

senses of the mortals,

while you sink into weary oblivion

an attentive god watches over your sleep.

You would otherwise be a plaything

in the hands of fate,

exposed to every risk and danger,

if Love, the driving force of the world,

did not take up your interests.

Sleep, Poppea,

earthly goddess.

You are protected against treacherous attack

by Love, who moves the sun and stars.

Your ruin already approaches,

but you will suffer no evil,

for the all powerful Love protects you.