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ARIFFIN, Qyazzirah Syeikh ?

Black Locks

You shot me on the heart, set me on fire,

The only rose of my fate, sweet musk-scented hair.

My enshrouding Sphere, you bestow abundantly,

Wings of the angel lay down for you on the way to the Lote -Tree.

The Station of Two-Bows Length, the highest peak of all,

You are the breath of the original nature, the cosmos lofty call.

You are the rain of mercy, and compassion from the Most Supreme,

You are the Master of Existence, prior even to Adam.

Oh the ocean of light, would your grace cascade from a mountain,

The myriads of hearts would each become a for you a crystal pool.

Black locks you must be called, oh the beloved,

I wonder if my cry can reach you, dull, enfeebled.

My troubles are far too many, and I myself possess no cures at all,

I spent summers in vain, and I am left in poverty in the fall.

Perhaps a hand will be extended, I thought, If I knock on your door,

Perhaps my master could find a cure for this sinner.

I am afraid to hear you say, ' Who is she',

Then, all abodes would become a dungeon for me.

You are a cure for troubles, let this heart burn,

Oh the Beloved of The Merciful, to ashes let it burn.

I am Afraid / Korkuyorum

You say that you love rain,

but you open your umbrella

when it rains.

You say that you love the sun,

but you find a place in the shade

when the sun shines.

You say that you love the wind,

but you close your windows

when it comes up.

This is why I am afraid

when you say that you love me too.

(Adaptation: Z. DE MEESTER)

Light after Darkness

Light after darkness, gain after loss,

Strength after suffering, crown after cross,

Sweet after bitter, song after sigh,

Home after wandering, laudatories after cry.

Sheaves after sowing, sun after rain,

Sight after mystery, peace after pain,

Joy after sorrow, calm after blast,

Rest after fatigueness, sweet rest at last.

Near after distant, gleam after gloom,

Love after loneliness, life after tomb,

After long agony, rapture of bliss!

Right was the pathway leading to this.

Roses Of Medina

Whenever I commemorate you, all else fades from my mind,

Your phantasm treads on the hills of my mind,

Although a mirage, it assuages my affliction.

I wish your love pervade each second of my life,

And I could soar like spirits and circumambulate your aurora,

And find some way to ooze into your heart.

I avow it is too late to attain your blissful presence,

My heart will ceaselessly be lamenting still,

Forever anticipating you with the freshest hopes.

As my heart flutters as a dove, hankering for you,

I beg you to grant me a plume of yours,

So that I could flag after you forever.

Oh Rose, that turns scorching desert into Eden,

Come and lapse flow into my soul with your enchanting rays of colours,

It is high time your smiles shone on the apples of my eyes.

Let me be a slave, in the quest for you,

Sprinkle embers on my soul, let me burn like furnace,

And be relieved from this rancorous dream elapsing without you.

I count the days I have been severed from you,

That coil about my soul like a gloomy dolor,

Let me see your face before the auspicious twilight unfolds.

Let me see my dusk turn into dawn at my last gasp,

And my heart filled with the newest colour of your horizon,

Lutes would be resounding then, and flutes would be heard.