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My beautiful gilded prison

I stare out through my golden cage

The bars of my beautiful gilded prison,

I suck in my breath to let out my sweet melody,

But the air in my prison is putrid, toxic.

I beat my wings at the golden bars,

Of my beautiful gilded prison,

My foolish heart promises I can break those bars,

But I fall to the floor, nursing my broken wings.

I summoned the last bit of fight within,

And flew against the cage door,

And hoorah! The latch flew open,

And I tasted the fresh air of freedom.

The tears of the sky

Drip drip go the clouds,

Crying tears of insurmountable sorrow.

The emotions of the universe overflow,

As the parched earth rejoices in the pain,

The pain of the sky and clouds.

Clad in their attire of mourning,

They cry out to the world.

Something in me wants to cradle

Those soot coloured clouds,

And alleviate their pain.

Even as I stand in the midst of a flood,

The revenge for the pain inflicted on mother earth,

The tears of the sky will avenge their creator,

And make obsolete what we hold dear,

And make obsolete what we hold dear.