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POTTER, Dennis

The Singing Detective

'Look at me! Look at me! I did it! I walked! I can walk! Look. Look at me.'

Nicola : 'For heaven's sake - supposing you fall over - Philip. Hold on to me, you're not ready for this!'

Marlow : 'Hold on to you?’

She looks at him wryly, well understanding the other resonances of the question.

Nicola : 'There aren't too many others around any more Philip.'

They seemed to study each other, his face was still wet.

Marlow : 'Be-bob-a-loo-hop.'

Nicola: 'Yes, but isn't it time you climbed down out of your tree?'

Marlow : 'Home.'

Second Mysterious Man : 'But that's off the page ennit?'

The First Mysterious Man uses the flat of his hand on Marlow's chest, pushing him back.

First Mysterious Man : 'You're going nowhere Sunshine. Not until we settle this.'

Marlow looks around for help and can see none. He moistens his lips.

Marlow : 'Settle what?'

First Mysterious Man : 'Who we are. What we are.

Second Mysterious Man : 'That's right. That's absolutely right.'

Suddenly, they grab hard at Marlow's arm. He cries out.