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Those Who Entered / al-Dakhelun

The pioneers came back

with their sorrows and dreams .

like strangers, they walk barefooted

escaping toward unknown lands

Will you come late? or arrive on time

to climb the vertical horse

and open the windows for sunshine.

the sun has been waiting for you.

the sun gracefully runs toward the west

hiding herself behind the horizon

like a girl repeatedly conceals

her story by the end of the day.

the sun piously prays in her altar

for the sake of the Hawk

The girl will trace your track,

will recognize you,

a veiled warrior behind the dust,

on the back of a horse

infiltrating through the barriers of mirage.

how can she meet you

after her dressmakers throw away

her royal gown and escape?

how can she meet you

after the death of her hairdresser?

how can she meet you

while autumn is penetrating

the locks of her hair?

will you come late or arrive on time ?