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KAUR, Rupi

My Heart Sinks

My heart sinks

Like an anchor

Into the depths

Of my belly

My eyes sting

But they do not cry

They burn as if filled

With salt water

Not your hobby

you cannot

walk in and out of me

like a revolving door

i have to many miracles

happening inside me

to be your convenient option

All you own is yourself

Let it go

let it leave

let it happen


in this world

was promised or

belonged to you



A lot of nothings disguised as people

will try to find you

and make you like them;


do not shrink,

do not become small

for something so small just because it is easy.

You have a responsibility

to remain hungry,

vast and rippling,

alarming and strange

Do not abandon

all the grandness you'll become

in exchange for toxic company.

We have been taught

We have been taught to live

With our heads in the sand

And we have been taught

Pain is only for the weak

I say take your heart

And rip it from your chest

Let us breathe in your sorrow

Let us eat your flesh


Anger —

It is the silent one

The one that holds

Its tongue

A punch

To the face

When words are


When words are