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RUEDA, Salvador

Lo Que es Casarse

Formar una pasión de dos pasiones,

fundir en un derecho dos derechos,

fraguar un lecho noble de dos lechos

y atar a una ambición dos ambiciones.

Juntar en un soñar dos ilusiones,

forjar un techo santo de dos techos,

hacer un pecho puro de dos pechos,

sumar un solo amor dos corazones.

Anudar en un lazo dos divisas,

formar un solo trino de dos risas,

dos miradas fundir una mirada.

Dos llantos enlazar un solo llanto,

dos canciones prender un solo canto,

¡esto es casarse y lo demás no es nada!

What Makes a Marriage?

To take the emotions of two and make them one passion
To weld the rights of two individuals into the union of a couple,
To make a Honeymoon suite from two lonely rooms
To bind the ambitions of two people into one goal

To join in one dream the hopes of two people
To form a loving home out of two separate dwellings
To take two hearts and make them one
To combine two loves into one adoration

To tie a lovely bow from two separate ribbons
To blend the laughter of two into one melody
To take two perspectives and form one panorama

To transform the heartaches of loneliness into a cry of joy
To blend two separate melodies into a harmonious duet
That’s what makes a marriage. Nothing else really matters.