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The Beautiful Parol (Christmas Lantern)

There was this one special kind of paper that Grandpa used,

and the Parol could be red or blue, and sometimes with a tail, too.

And now, every time Pasko (Christmas) comes around,

the Parol lantern can be found.

In every other window you’ll see one hanging,

and the wind blows it this way and that,

and each Parol is like a person with a new look that welcomes chilly Christmas!

On our way to church the Parol’s light was our guide in the darkness,

and when the moon might go behind a cloud, well,

the kids played beneath the Parol’s glow.

Whenever I give the sign to my friends, they remember, like all the kids did,

playing in front of Grandpa’s lantern light.

And, ever since he passed away…of course, each time a cool wind blows,

and the Parol sways,

it reminds me of him.

In Grandpa’s colours – such beautiful wishes.

In Grandpa’s light – such beautiful memories, as if saying:

“Though I’m no longer here, my Light will guide you, little ones!”

translation/interpretation by Carmelo Gorospe, with Alexander Best