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LEE, Jenny

Getting Dressed

Part I

I am dazzling in this dress;

But I am no damsel in distress.

Pink-blushed cheeks will convince,

Assure you of my innocence.

Soft flowing tresses curled with care—

Magnets to metal; your fingers, my hair.

Lips stained red, not for the trend,

Poison-painted and lined with intent.


High off the ground, bring you near;

The better to peer into your eyes, my dear.

A drop of parfum on my neck

Intoxicate but not bring death—just yet.

Part II

Taste of my kiss and turn to stone;

I’ll draw your breath and leave you none.

I’ll lie with you on the floor;

But when I leave, you’ll rise no more.

Silent and still, you’ll watch me go--

And pray for an end to the pain you know.

I am the Siren singing your doom--

Hear my song and find your tomb.

I am a Damsel of Distress.

Dressed to kill, in this dress.